Seamlessly Selling Your Home or Condominium

Once you have decided to use L&H to sell your home please send us the following information, in order that we can complete your sale as seamlessly as possible:


  • Have your real estate agent fax or email us the Agreement of Purchase and Sale.


  • Send us an email or give us a phone call and provide us with the following:
    • The full name(s) of each individual that is on title to the property as well as the marital status and/or relation to each individual on title and the residency status for each person (i.e. Canadian citizen or not);
    • Copies of two (2) pieces of valid identification (both front and back) for each individual that is on title will need to be provided. Please note that health cards are not accepted. The first piece of ID must be a photo ID (example: Drivers licence or Passport) and the second piece of ID can be a credit card or SIN card;
    • Whether or not there are any tenants living on the property, and if so, if there are tenancy agreements in place;
    • We will require the most recent Tax Bill for the property (realty taxes);
    • If you have one or more mortgages/charges on title to the property (including a secured Line of Credit, etc.), we will require the lending institutions’ information, including mortgage reference number, branch address and contact information.
    • Please provide our office with your forwarding mailing address.


  • Please remember to cancel any pre-authorized payment plans you may have with respect to the property, i.e. common expenses (if condominium) and property/realty taxes. Please remember to stop payments for the month following your closing.
  • Advise all utility providers that you are selling your property and provide them with the closing date.


  • Approximately one (1) week prior to the date of closing our office our office will get in touch with you in order to set up an appointment. Please note that our office will need to have received all mortgage and property/realty tax information prior to setting up an appointment.
  • At our meeting you will be required to bring in copies of two (2) pieces of valid identification (both front and back) for each individual that is on title as well as the keys to the property.


  • On the day of Closing:
    • Our office will call you once the sale is complete and notify you once the sale proceeds (if applicable) are ready for your pick-up.


  • Closing Package
    • Within two (2) months of your closing date, our office will mail you all of the relevant documents and a detailed breakdown of the costs and fees associated with your sale.

Contact us today to get started.

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